N.A.L.A. (9′) – For 20 saxophones and 7 harps. Commissioned by the harp and saxophone department of the C.v.A. In collaboration with 3 more composers, Koen Oosterhuis, Andrea Guterres and Pol Requesens Roca.

Luxia (11′) – for solo flute. Commissioned by flute player Sherezade Jurado Navarro. 

Sweet Red (5′) – for pan flute, flute and alto saxophone. Commissioned by Mariana Preda.


Synaesthesia”Music to link the senses” (60′) – for oboe, pan flute, viola, and recorders. A performance for the senses, in which music is linked to a particular object, scent or ingredient. During the performance, the audience is blindfolded and invited to discover the identity of various objects using only the senses of touch, smell, and taste, the music is complementing the full experience of each object.

Magnetite  (11′) – concerto for oboe and accordion with a medium-sized ensemble consisting of two violins, two violas, cello, double bass, clarinet in Bb, flute, bassoon, french horn, trombone, and tuba in C.  Premiered during the Composers Festival 2019

Nerium (17′) – a Prelude and Fugue for two organs, written for Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam. Premiered during the Composers Festival 2019

Winter Landscapes (15′) – a set of short pieces for beginner recorder players, for both soprano and tenor recorder. Each piece explores a concrete extended technique in a simple way. 

Lluna gelosa (15′) – for piano 4 hands.  Inspired in a poem by Josep Maria de Sagarra.

Azabache -Concerto for Bass Clarinet (30′-35′) – for symphonic orchestra and soloist bass clarinet.  


Touch & Hearing (12′) – for ensemble: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute doubling bass flute, bass clarinet, piano, and percussion (vibraphone, crotales, chinese box, tam-tam). A piece to explore the relationship between the sense of touch and sound. The musical form and materials are inspired by the texture of concrete objects. Premiered by the Hermes Ensemble, in AMUZ, Antwerpen. 

Libèl·lula (10′) – for flute, pan flute,  soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, and bass clarinet. A piece to explore the rhythmical possibilities of Indian Carnatic music with western instruments.

Serendipity (15′) – for recorder, pan flute, and oboe. A piece to approach meditation, and a closer relationship with the audience.

Rain (5′) – for mbiras and trumpet in B flat. Composed for the mbira class of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Empordà (12′) – for soprano and piano trio; violin, cello, and piano. Original text from, Vinyes Verdes Vora el Mar a poem by J.M. de Sagarra, part of the book, Cançons de Rem i Vela edited in 1923. The piece was selected as the winner of the Mary Viëtor Prize at the Alba Rosa Viva! festival at Het Concertgebouw, 2018.

Blau Fosc (4′) – for viola (Alkistis Missouli), kemençe (Neva Özgen), kamancha (Elshan Manshurov), and tar (Elcin Nagijev). A co-creation with musicians of the Atlas Ensemble, within the project Atlas Lab. 

Midwinter’s Night…? (17′) – for tenor saxophone, acoustic guitar, and piano. 

If you Walk in a Circle Long Enough it Could Feel Like a Sense of Direction (22′) – Opera in 1 act. Written for the Opera Forward Festival 2019 hosted by the National Opera & Ballet, Amsterdam.  For soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, flute, pan flute, oboe, english horn, baritone saxophone, and accordion.


Selardi (10′) – for an ensemble of 18 instruments: piccolo, flute (doubling piccolo), english horn, clarinet in B flat, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, horn in F, trumpet in C, trombone, 3 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 2 double basses. 

Taste & Sound (15′) – for violin and cello. A performance to explore the relation of taste with sound. Consists of 4 different pieces which match 4 different dishes, the audience has to imagine which piece relates to which ingredients. 

Wheatfields with Partridge (4′) – for symphonic orchestra. Commissioned by the Ricciotti Ensemble. Inspired on a painting by Vincent van Gogh. 

Carnatic Duet (7′) – for harpsichord and vibraphone. A piece to explore the rhythmical possibilities of Indian Carnatic music with western instruments.

Nit (4′) – for symphonic orchestra. Premiered by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, in Muziekgebouw aan t’ IJ. 


Peri (20′) – for ensemble: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, oboe, piano, and harp. Inspired on Persian traditional music. 

Sinfonia en Gris Mayor (4′) – for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. Inspired on a poem by Rubén Darío. 

Degustem Joan Brossa (45′) – for clarinet, viola, and cello. A multidisciplinary performance with a set of musical and gastronomic compositions. The degustation menu consists of a set of elaborated dishes inspired on visual poems of the Catalan artist Joan Brossa. The music is linked to the visual poems and the set of dishes of the menu, by representing the aesthetic features of both disciplines, poetry, and cuisine. 


African Quartet (20′) – for string quartet.

Las Meninas (5′) – for saxophone quartet.








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