Sílvia is a composer specialised in contemporary art-music. She has written music for various musical formats including solo instruments, chamber music, big ensembles, symphonic orchestra,  and opera.

Her works are rich immersions in colour and texture. In her music, she explores the different timbre possibilities of instruments, to achieve unique musical textures.  The goal of building such textures and colours is to create an atmosphere for the audience, a musical “world” in which people can dive in during the performance. Sílvia believes one of the reasons why we like to listen to music is that it allows us to have experiences which are only possible through sound. 

Sílvia does not define herself as a keen follower of any current fashion or trend. She prefers to combine different techniques to achieve the most satisfactory sound result for every piece she writes. As a result, her music has a very personal style, full of musical colours and textures, which build specific sound atmospheres. Moreover, she defines herself as a flexible composer, deeply aware of the needs of the audience and the performers.  The relation between music and the audience is of high importance in every piece she writes. 

A unique fact about Sílvia is that she often uses multi-sensorial concepts as the source of inspiration for her works.  She thinks music can be related to all of our senses. Moreover, this relation within the senses has an enriching effect over her compositions, since it allows for imagination to work in a different direction. Concretely in some of Sílvia’s works, the primary source of inspiration may be the texture of an object, the scent of a fragrance or the taste of specific food.  She is also interested in learning how multi-sensorial stimuli works and how to transmit it to the audience. So far, she has developed four different pieces where she explores multi-sensorial relations in different ways, with the purpose to trigger the synaesthetic experience on the audience and the performers.  Those pieces are Degustem Joan Brossa (2016), Taste & Sound (2017) and Touch & Hearing (2018), and Synaesthesia (2019) which unites all the senses except for sight. Sílvia is currently developing her master thesis about multi-sensorial musical performance. 

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